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Acadia Region PCA Donates $2500 to IWK

December 2015

Acadia Region Porsche Club of America (PCA) is proud to donate $2,500 to the IWK Foundation on behalf of its members and sponsors. 


“Although we are a small club, we believe it is important to give back to the community. Our club represents Atlantic Canada and our members chose the IWK Health Centre as their charity of choice as it serves families throughout the region,” said Lloyd Corkum, President, Acadia Region Porsche Club of America. “I wish to acknowledge the work of our Executive Team and give special thanks to our members and sponsors who have made this donation possible.


Members generously donated funds at club activities and events throughout the year, with Acadia Region PCA matching those donations.


Photo: Lloyd Corkum, President of Acadia Region Porsche Club of America, with representatives from the IWK Foundation.  

The real deal: in search of a 356

February 15, 2015

Acadia Region member Marshall Lewis was browsing the Internet for cars one day last July when he came across a 1963 Porsche 356B Super 90 for sale.


“I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the ad,” says Marshall, who has owned numerous Porsches throughout the years. He immediately called to inquire about the car only to find the line was busy. “I was so excited that I used the *66 feature that rings you back when a busy line is free.”


Eventually the line was free and he was able to speak to the seller, Mary Leicht, in Ontario. The car had belonged to Mary’s husband, Fritz, who had passed away some three months ago. “In talking with Mary, I knew there was a strong sentimental attachment to the car.”


Five days later, Marshall was on a flight. He furthers, “When I inquired about directions, Mary said she would pick me up at the airport. I was astonished by her generosity, but welcomed the offer.” In the meantime, the two exchanged emails and photos.


On the day, Marshall made his way to the arrivals area and within a minute saw Mary. “On meeting, we both gave each other a big hug. It was like we were long lost relatives, but it felt right. It seemed to me she needed a big hug considering her recent loss.”


Once at Mary’s house, Gary, a good friend of her late husband’s arrived to show him the car. The 356 had two covers, one soft, thick blanket and a fitted car cover. “When we pulled the covers, I couldn’t believe my eyes as the car looked a hundred times better than it did in the online pictures,” recalls Marshall. Within a week, he had the arrangements made to have the car shipped to his home in Nova Scotia.


Marshall had been looking for a 356 for a few years. “I never imagined finding a one-owner car that was always pampered, never in an accident and pretty much in factory condition except for a repaint in 1991.”


And it seems Marshall was meant to be the new owner. Turns out Mary could have sold the car the day before he arrived, but wouldn’t as she had promised it to him.


“Mary said she was happy I got the car because she really thinks I will love it as much as Fritz did. I absolutely do and have nothing but thanks for Mary. She’s a real genuine person,” add Marshall.


As for the 356, it’s in the garage, covered, with that very same soft, thick blanket and car cover. Just like Fritz would do.

Acadia Region celebrates 35 years

August 25, 2013

Members of Acadia Region came together over the summer to celebrate a milestone in the club’s history. 2013 marks 35 years for the club, whose charter was issued in October of 1978.


Acadia, which is part of PCA Zone 1, includes New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador.  Back in the day, it also included the state of Maine. There were just a handful of members at the time and the nearest dealer was some 800 miles away, but their goal was to bring together people with a common interest: Porsche. Many a friendship has been made though the years, along with cars bought and sold, and today, Acadia Region is still going strong.


“We’re an active club and hold a variety of member-focused events throughout the year including tours, driver education, technical sessions, concours, social events such as Porsches on the Lawn, a popular summer activity where members gather regularly to chat and enjoy their cars,” says club president Graham Young. “Our base is Halifax, but members come from across Atlantic Canada. We’ve experienced double-digit growth in recent years, which is quite exciting for a small club like ours.”

Moving up to the 3.6 club

February 7, 2012

You won't find club member Tom Shebib whiling away the hours til spring. Rather, you'll find him in his garage. Tom is replacing the 3 litre in his 1980 911SC with a 3.6. 


The ‘96 Vram, which he got from a fellow Acadia Region PCA member, has a whopping 26 miles - incredible!


“The donor engine has been sitting in a fellow PCA’ers garage for almost a decade. I was able to talk him into parting with it,” says Tom.


Tom is documenting his labour of love on the Pelican Parts Porsche 911 Technical Forum. Follow Tom's progress, view photos and read posts from fellow car enthusiasts. 


Peggy's Cove Porsche in 356 Registry

January 22, 2011

It’s not everyday a member of Acadia Region gets their car pictured in an international magazine, but that’s what happened to Paul and Sheri Kaulbeck. Check out the photo of their 356 pictured in front of the Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse on a a rather grey September morning that appeared in the Nov/Dec issue of 356 Registry magazine.


"The Porsche 356 Registry is a special interest group within PCA for owners of 356-era Porsches," explains Paul. Each year on September 19th, Ferry Porsche’s birthday, owners are urged to take their pride and joy for a spin on 'Drive Your 356 Day.' 


The magazine welcomes members to send in pictures taken during these drives, with photos submitted from all over the world.


Adds Paul, “when the photo was submitted, we certainly didn't expect it to end up as a half-page display on page three, as part of the Contents page,” says Paul.


He adds, “As members of the 356 Registry say, ‘Keep the Faith’.”  And keep the faith we will. 

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